what we stand for

be your own soulmate

we believe in kindness towards oneself and others.

We are the doers, the healers, the caregivers, and the nurturers. But, we need to heed the advice given to us by every flight attendant: “put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others.” One of the best ways we can care for and be kind to others is to first care for ourselves.

It’s the little things, like a long, uninterrupted bath or taking a few minutes before bed to wash your face after a long day. I+I products are designed to be incorporated into the craziness of every-day life. No complicated instructions or multi-step regimens.

It’s our goal to let your natural beauty shine by boosting confidence and empowering your soul.

practice self care

self care tip#
Take 5 minutes to decompress every day
self care tip#
Write down 5 things that went right today
self care tip#
Go outside for a walk
self care tip#
Have confidence to seize that opportunity!
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