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what's in a name

In Rastafarian culture, “I and I” represents “One Love” and is often used as the expression of the physical body being in oneness with the soul. “I” is interchangeable with “you,” symbolizing that the love we give to one another should be the same love we show to ourselves.

what we stand for

be your own soulmate

we believe in kindness towards oneself and others.

We hear it every time we fly: "put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others.” However, as doers, healers, caregivers, and nurturers, we often put ourselves last. Today, and every day, we're giving you permission to jump to the front of the line.

It’s the little things, like a long, uninterrupted bath, or taking a few minutes before bed to wash your face after a long day. Because hey, even that can be a challenge. I+I™ products are designed to be incorporated into the craziness of every-day life. No complicated instructions or multi-step regimens.

It’s our goal to let your natural beauty shine by boosting confidence and empowering your soul.

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practice self care

self care tip#
Write down 5 things that went right today
self care tip#
Plan a night out with friends
self care tip#
Take a multivitamin
self care tip#
Take a yoga class
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