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we believe you should not have to sacrifice your health for beauty.

As a consumer, it’s nearly impossible to know which ingredients are good for you and which ones we should avoid. How can you possibly find time to research every self-care bottle and brand you see on store shelves? Your day is busy enough.

We do our homework, so you don’t have to. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to delve into each and every ingredient found in our products to ensure there are no harmful chemicals and toxins that come into contact with your body. Each formulation is intentionally designed with the very best ingredients — no harmful dyes or artificial fragrances!

only good ingredients

+HEMP CBD OIL: Provides unsurpassable anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for skin and hair
+HYALURONIC ACID: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and keeps skin youthful and plump by ensuring it retains proper moisture.
+JOJOBA OIL: Mimics the natural oils found in the skin and hair and is used for hydration and healing  
+PROVITAMIN B5: Improves softness and elasticity, while retaining moister and protecting the skin from irritants
+MORINGA OIL: Nutrient-dense moringa oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and works overtime to protect the skin from pollution.
+PRICKLY PEAR OIL: Restores the skin’s elasticity by hydrating and retaining moisture, reduces redness and inflammation, and helps provide brighter, smoother complexion
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