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Ingredients Matter: The Sustainable Story of our Coffee Scrub

We'd like to formally introduce you to the newest product in our collection! Our CBD-infused Coffee Body Scrub is made with fair-trade coffee from Yirgacheffe, a town in central Ethiopia. These sought-after beans are grown at high-elevation, hand-picked and then washed for a bright, clean taste and high acidity. Prior to the roasting process, the beans that are too small are often discarded to prevent a bitter taste from over-roasting. Though not suitable for your triple latte, we hated for them to go to waste, thus giving them a new purpose.

These “baby beans” as we have fondly named them, are the base for our CBD-Infused Coffee Body Scrub and work in tandem with Hemp CBD Oil, luscious aloe vera, and soothing Irish moss seaweed. I+I CBD-Infused Coffee Body Scrub gently removes dead skin cells to reveal smoother, softer, radiant skin, all while providing the intoxicating scent of a lazy Sunday morning. This rich-foaming exfoliator will make you feel brand-new, just like your morning caffeine infusion, while providing anti-inflammatory benefits and helping the skin retain moisture. Although you may be tempted, our CBD-Infused Coffee Body Scrub is not edible even though it smells like literal magic.  We’re thankful to have found a use for these coffee beans that gift us amazing skincare benefits and a delicious (really….really delicious), energizing aroma.

Reviews include: “My skin feels like butter”, “Can I eat this?”, “What’s the biggest bottle you have??” and “Can I eat this?”.

What does Fair Trade Mean?

Fair Trade USA is a non-profit organization that certifies and analyzes consumer goods like chocolate, sugar and coffee. The non-profit creates and enforces a strict set of standards that promotes sustainability, fair treatment, compensation and work standards to the individuals involved in production and manufacturing of those goods.


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