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MLK Day: A Day On. Not a Day Off

Illustration Credit: Lauren Tamaki, New York Times

Rather than offering up a quote you have undoubtedly seen hundreds of times, we’ve compiled some ways to meaningfully honor the legacy of Dr. King:


While volunteering in person may be more difficult this year, there are several volunteer opportunities that are socially distant or that you can do from home. Here are some ideas and resources:

  • Deliver food for your local food bank
  • Plan or join a neighborhood trash clean-up
  • Check on neighbors, friends, and family – especially those who are older or may be alone. A phone call, text, or a conversation on the front porch could brighten someone's day more than you know.
  • All For Good


There are lots of organizations that are doing fantastic things to help people. You can donate warm clothing, food, and (most needed) money. Here are some great organizations we love to support:


The legacy of Dr. King is often whitewashed to make us feel good about peaceful, non-violent protesting. However, did you know that during his lifetime more than two-thirds of Americans viewed him as a criminal and a radical? We’re sharing a few resources below to learn more about Dr King’s life and the legacy he has left behind.


Sit with the discomfort in what is going on in the world and in our country. Do not shy away from uncomfortable conversations about race. Check your own biases and prejudices because we all have them. Think about ways in which you may challenge your own assumptions and listen more than you speak.



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