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Founder Feature: Jenn's Skincare Journey

All my life I've struggled with skin issues. I vividly remember getting my first, big red zit in 5th grade. At that time, it was a little exciting. That pimple signaled that I was one step closer to being like one of those cool teenagers. But as I moved through adolescence and into high school, my skin got worse. That initial pre-pubescent excitement quickly turned to a complicated and shameful relationship with my skin. 

I tried everything from over-the-counter topicals to prescription cleansers and antibiotics. I applied thick cakey makeup to try to cover my acne, but that only managed to clog my pores and make things worse. My medicine cabinet and bathroom counter were as exasperated as my poor, over-medicated skin.  When I was around 18 years old, I tried Accutane. It wasn’t a miracle cure, but thankfully I only experienced minimal side-effects, and my skin did begin to improve. Although the scars – both physical and mental– were longer lasting.

After the traumatic teenage acne finally left the scene, a new nemesis joined the party– adult acne. While nothing is as traumatizing and embarrassing as teenage acne, adult acne is somehow more frustrating. I felt as though I served my time with bad skin as a teenager. Now, I’m paying a mortgage, supporting a family, and building my career while still getting breakouts like a teenager! It’s a more shake your fists at the sky type of angst, as you hastily apply concealer in your car before a big meeting (God forbid you forget to blend!). 

As I worked through my career and had kids, the occasional breakouts became something I lived with and accepted. Throughout my adulthood, I've tried all sorts of products—including some ridiculously expensive ones that my dermatologist prescribed. Sometimes they worked for a while, but they often left my skin feeling dry, itchy and sometimes more inflamed. 

When we started I+I, our initial goal was to create a face serum formulation made of clean ingredients that hydrate, reduce inflammation, and improve skin health as a whole. What I didn’t expect was that we would formulate a product that, after a lifetime of acne-prone skin, put an end to my never-ending cycle of breakouts.

Since using the serum daily, my skin has become an entirely new entity. My natural skin barrier was reinvigorated, the redness of my acne scars has faded, and for the first time in my life, I am getting compliments on my skin from total strangers. I never thought that I’d hear the words: “you have such beautiful skin" directed toward me.

Little do those strangers know what I’ve been through, and how much that simple phrase means to me.

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