I+I. You + Me. We Are One.
Good For The Body
I+I = One Love

one love

who we are

In Rastafarian culture, I+I represents “One Love” and is often used as the expression of the physical body being in oneness with the soul. “I” is interchangeable with “you,” symbolizing that the love we give to one another should be the same love we show to ourselves. I+I Botanicals encourages the world to fit enjoyable moments of self-care into our daily routines, so we can be the best version of ourselves, radiating joy and positivity into the world.

+ Thoroughly researched
+ responsibly created
+ Unapologetic Self-Care

good for the


we believe you should not have to sacrifice your health for beauty.


we are grateful for all that mother earth provides us, and we are committed to preserving it for future generations


we believe in kindness towards oneself and others.
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